Future Hunter Gatherers, nomadic minds traversing the galaxy as past and future weave together into the tapestry of now. This cosmic gathering of intergalactic tribes plays out in a futuristic utopian landscape against the backdrop of lost civilisations reclaimed by nature. These denim-clad nomads though technologically evolved cling to remnants of a more primitive past as they rever to the basic principals of the hunter-gatherer.

Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett have been inspired in part by the work of photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis and his portraits of Native American tribes West of the Mississippi. Taking rare utilitarian and military garments as reference from their extensive archive at The Vintage Showroom. The collection plays with various themes, Native American aboriginal culture, early 20th century aviation, British workwear and feudal Japans’ Samurai class have all inspired the collection which has been produced using ORTA fabrics in Istanbul.