We are entering a world of visionary sustainable technology that is focused on energy. The view is that the energy that sustains us can no longer be seen as separate from our environment. ORTA is committed to envisioning a sustainable, technological future driven by the human desire for this energetic exchange. 

Our jeans will become compatible with our emotional and physical body. Biological senses will be enhanced to  address different kinds of stimuli for specific purposes. We will co-create denim for our smart cities of tomorrow. Resonate with the collective. Sense the frequency. Feel the sound of blue.
Denim is a catalyst, an energetic exchange that responds to our movement and surroundings. ORTA’s immersive technology senses our skin’s frequency and responds in harmony.

ORTA’S immersive technology is embedded in the denim fibers that support our body. These fibers “feel” what is happening around us–detecting any movement in our physiology. In other words…ORTA’s immersive technology responds to our behavior. Our actions are translated by ORTA’s adaptİve stretch patterns–enacted by our body’s movement.

Our body’s frequency describes the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the surface of our skin. ORTA’s immersive technology ultimately adapts to our movement and allows the smart fibers to resonate with our skin’s frequency. Frequency changes everything. It impacts the way we feel and the way we move every day. With ORTABLUFREQUENCY, we feel taller, slimmer and more alive.