Part of the reason why denim has been such a lasting staple in our wardrobes is its adaptable nature. Wearable and durable, denim can be dressed for almost every occasion. The next step in this evolution is moving beyond the mastery of five pocket jeans and bringing denim to new places; from suits to yoga pants, the office to the gym. “Life-wear” to suit the active lifestyle of today’s end consumer and the designers who create it. This challenges us to make denim that can literally act as a second skin, covering you anywhere and during any activity. Mastering elasticity is key to the comfort and functionality of the fabric.

Last season we brought Fitswell and Body Science to the table. For this season, we have developed these concepts further with Ultra-Flex and D-Fine, offering an even more versatile scale of stretch. We are also moving forward with D-Craft, our authentic stretch line and a treat for the denim purist who wants to enjoy the time tested look of 100% cotton without missing out on the comfortable capabilities of modern stretch. A combination of tradition and tech, not to mention style, this wide-range of stretch textiles work with different body types, leaving you free to move as you please.