ORTA ANADOLU TİC. VE SAN. İŞL. T.A.Ş. ENERGY POLICY As an energy-intensive manufacturer of denim, our company is striving to improve the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of its work by reducing energy consumption and costs. As ORTA ANADOLU TİC. VE SAN. İŞL. T.A.Ş. we commit to; · Considering energy performance improvements in design and modification of our facilities, equipment, systems and processes, · Deploying information and resources to achieve our objectives and targets, · Upholding legal and other requirements regarding energy, · Increasing awareness of energy efficiency and resource use through trainings given to our employees, · Prioritizing energy efficient products and services in all our business processes, including procurement and support design activities that will improve our energy performance, · Reducing specific energy consumption every year by continuous improvement in our activities.