The Orta Anadolu Textiles Management Board has committed to and recognized the following articles as founding principles: 

We shall be unparalleled in excellence in understanding, appropriating and fulfilling our clients’ present and future fabric, service and cooperation needs. 

 We shall not provide any product or services that are different than the standards initially agreed upon by the client. 

 Communications with our clients shall be open, clear, plain, thorough and in due time. 

 We shall not make any promises to our clients that we cannot keep. 

 Upon recognizing a deviation or the possibility of a deviation from the agreement we have previously made with our client, the client shall be informed immediately. 

 We shall work with our client in a spirit of cooperation, based on long-term partnerships and common interests. 

 Our decisions pertinent to our clients will be based on relationships, not on transactions. 

 We shall always keep in mind that the client is “King.” 

 We shall always be fair, objective and transparent in order to maintain continuous customer satisfaction by responding in the quickest and easiest way possible to our clients’ needs, expectations, advice and complaints, along with strict adherence to national and international legislature pertinent to orders.