We know and acknowledge that the fact that information and informative resources are critical to the sustainability of our business activities.

To protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information, we have implemented and are conducting a risk management system. By managing risks accurately, we aim to safeguard data against threats and risks.

The information safety policy is monitored on regular basis to find opportunity spots and areas of improvement with continuous improvement & development goal. In such cases, the necessary information and resources are deployed to identified spots.

All legal regulations regarding information safety policies are continuously being followed and implemented, whereas necessary adjustments are made when there is a need.

We conduct trainings on regular basis aiming to improve our employees’ technical and behavioural competencies as well as creating an awareness about how key information security is.

Orta aims to be a leading business partner in all areas of work conducted, including information management.  We strive to be an exemplary institution in information security by managing all our assets, including information assets belonging to all our stakeholders in an integrated way within all management systems we apply.